Adolescence, students, future?

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Adolescence, students, future?

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Childhood, sweetness, attention, growth. Adolescence, nobody’s land, nobody understands you.
Even society doesn’t care about you (apparently). Many services are about children, adults, communities. What about adolescents? What about teens? Do you know that adolescence is the richest periods for relationships’ networks in the brain development? Do you realise the importance of this years?

I think that adolescents must be supported, guided, listened. To do that it is necessary to know them, to know how their brain it works, how they usually behave and how they think about relationships. Many researchers support the idea that more interventions are required. More activities, more support, more events.
There are some crucial events in the teen’s life that he or she will always remind and are fundamental for the adolescent journey from being a teen to be an adult. One of that events is the DIPLOMA. Many are the questions in this age: what will I do? What is right for me? What about my future job? University?

Thanks to my knowledge in Positive Psychology I decided to support them in an afternoon easy meeting in which compare their ideas about the future, about the job, about the university and about dreams and goals.
In Italy, Udine, Wednesday 18th July I will wait for them, smiling and happy to contribute to their development and growth.

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